Doing Time?

Doing Time

I have been asked what makes me an expert. My reply was “expert is short word with lots of implied power”. I do not consider myself an expert, in anything. I have a willingness to learn and a drive to teach what I learn as I learn it. It isn’t anything more than a respect for me and the feeling that I am responsible for passing on information rather than be a library holding it on shelves. I feel that is what we are here for.

By keeping those two factors and adding a third we live a better life without ever changing what we do every day, without costing ourselves anything. The third factor is attitude. Most of what we feel is attitude. Changing the way we feel or look at a situation changes our self-imposed place in the universe. Are we here serving a purpose or just eking along as a cog in the wheel. Doing time.

A simple example: You are at a shipper or receiver heading along the docks looking for your door. As you arrive at your door take a second to think. How long does it take to open your door? One minute, two or three? If you stop out of the way other drivers can go by you. Now you ask “what does this matter?” Are you a cog or do you matter? Is what I ask. While you open your door two or three trucks roll by, the “better you” can say:  “I helped those drivers and it did not cost me anything”. You made an improvement in the general world by doing nothing.

Respect. Responsibility. Attitude. Keeping the first two high on your list and changing the last improve everyone’s day, but most importantly it makes you a better you.

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